Introducing our CIO Summit for mid-tier firms on day 1 of #ABExpo 2020. This is an opportunity for IT leaders, executives and managers with a strategic focus on technology in larger firms to streamline their organisations.

CIO Summit, Monday 16 November 2020

Jeremy Hirschhorn

Tax In A Digital World

Jeremy Hirschhorn is Second Commissioner at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). He has overall responsibility for the Client Engagement Group, which fosters willing participation in Australia’s tax and super systems through well-designed client experiences.Jeremy has more than 20 years' experience across the public and private sector in managing complex tax matters.
  • Jeremy will be discussing how the ATO is making the complex more streamlined. Jeremy will also be showcasing how the ATO is using its data to support businesses in new ways, and how he sees the role of tax professionals changing.
The Hon Nick Greiner

Business And Politics - The Next 10 Years

New political movements in the UK, the US and much of Europe have overturned the status quo, mostly moving to the right. Xi Jinping’s China is exerting its might with the Belt and Road initiative and other projects. Business leaders are weighing into public conversations on the limits of free speech and climate change. What does leadership look like in the next decade?
  • Will business leaders and businesses become advocates for political causes and not just profits?
  • How will political parties revitalise trust with constituents when technology is outpacing governance?
  • Will the era of trillion dollar companies drive Australia towards lesser equality in wealth?
Tanya Titman

Why An Innovation Strategy Is Not About Technology

How can a firm approach innovation? Does it look different in a small firm compared to a large one? The biggest challenge is convincing people that innovation doesn’t equal technology. It’s about creating a culture and a mindset. Hear one accountant’s exploration of innovation from within her award-winning, 20-staff firm to a $300 million mid-tier.
  • Discover the seven conditions to create a culture of innovation
  • Learn how you can innovate with your business model, process or market
  • Find out how to coordinate innovation within a larger firm
Chelsea Wise
CIO Summit

The Impact Of AI On Accounting

AI and data analytics are powering a wave of groundbreaking technologies. Is your company ready? In this session we will explore how AI and analytics are changing the role of accountants and what finance teams need to do today to reimagine their organisations.
  • Find out where AI is transforming business and having the most significant impact
  • Discover where you and intelligent machines can work together to reach new levels of productivity and why your strategy can’t ignore them
  • Learn how other Australian SMEs like you are unlocking the value from data and accelerating their growth
Tanya Titman
CIO Summit

Innovation In Mid-Tiers In 2020

Innovation is more than a buzzword – it opens up opportunities for new service lines, diversification and higher revenues. The mid-tiers are working through a smorgasbord of technologies and ideas to determine which ones will translate into high-value products for existing clients. Or, looking internally, which ones will improve service delivery and efficiency.
  • Discover the range of options for firms that are prepared to invest in change
  • Find out which ideas are the most attractive to the mid-tier firms
  • Learn how mid-tiers are tackling the tricky issue of change management
Mario Tevanian
CIO Summit

Masterclass: How Firms Can Digitise Processes With The Microsoft Power Platform

Process automation is widespread among banks, insurers and other financial services companies. Now the technology has been commoditised in Microsoft’s Power Platform and Power Apps, a high-powered replacement for macros. Discover how to use a low-code platform for rapid application development and process automation in an accounting firm.
  • Learn how to identify tasks and processes that are best suited for digitisation and automation
  • Understand how to use the Power Platform within the Microsoft cloud
  • Discover the benefits of process automation and app creation
Paul Lenton
CIO Summit

How To Optimise Customer Lifecycle Management In The Cloud

When the client picks up the phone, they expect their firm to know what’s going on. Behind the scenes, every firm is trying to track everything relating to that client: documents, expenses, billing, sales opportunities – and of course, phone conversations, emails and meetings. How can firms integrate cloud tech and legacy systems at a reasonable cost?
  • Find out how mid-tier firms are integrating their key systems
  • Learn how to set priorities for managing client data
  • Discover how a connected system can increase collaboration between departments
Michael Flanderka
CIO Summit

Robotic Process Automation: How To Apply It In Accounting Firms

Robotic process automation has taken off in financial services, especially banking and insurance. Now mid-tier firms are experimenting with RPA software and other process automation platforms to eliminate data entry on a broader scale. Hear how firms are using RPA, the processes they are automating, and how SMEs are using the same technology to automate tax reporting themselves.
  • Find out about how firms use 150+ “instructions” or “robots” to manipulate, validate, convert, map, aggregate and share data
  • Learn how drag-and-drop programming is replacing the use of VBA
  • Discover how SMEs are using process automation to reduce manual data entry and find savings for Fuel Tax Credit, FBT, And GST
CIO Summit

How To Open Up Microsoft Teams To Your Clients - Without Breaching Security

Nearly every large firm is trying out Microsoft Teams to replace internal email. Yet this is only the beginning. Smaller firms have shown that adding clients to chat applications (Slack or Teams) can greatly improve staff efficiency and customer experience. Large firms can’t see past the risk of opening up chat communications to external parties – but the rewards are enormous.
  • Find out why chat is a far more effective form of communication for quick requests to or from clients
  • Discover why clients love chat and see it as a superior experience
  • Learn how you to run a trial with clients on chat
Marcus Bowles
CIO Summit

Robot-Proof Accounting Careers: Capabilities For The Future Accountant

Is the accounting profession as vulnerable to job loss and disruption as international and Australasian research would suggest? The outlook is unexpectedly positive thanks to novel people and professional development strategies such as flexible capability stacks, capability diagnostic tools and micro-credentials. Hear findings from extensive research conducted by CA ANZ and The Institute for Working Futures.
  • Understand the impact of automation and changed business models on accounting
  • Get evidence-based insights on how the role and activities of an accountant will be replaced, augmented or reconfigured by technology
  • Learn about the skilling challenges facing firms and how they can overcome them
Alan FitzGerald
CIO Summit

Practice Management Is For Billing a Client. A CRM Is For Knowing Them

Firms often mistake practice management for CRM – after all, it does come with a client database. The problem is that practice software is built to improve internal productivity. It isn’t designed to assist you in knowing, helping and growing your clients. The move to the cloud is giving firms more options for improving client engagement and revenue.
  • Learn about the new crop of enterprise-grade CRMs customised for larger firms
  • Find out how firms can use CRMs to identify which clients are likely to buy more services
  • Discover the benefits of a CRM for event management, email marketing and succession planning
Jeremy Thorpe

Coronavirus, Bushfires, Energy Crisis: What Is The Net Impact On The Economy?

A pandemic shuts down China, the world’s factory, slashing revenue from student fees at universities and strangling supply chains. An apocalyptic fire season demolishes holiday trade along the eastern coast. Climate change denial cripples our energy policy and investment. US-led trade wars increase uncertainty. What will the short and long term effects be on Australia’s economy?
  • Find out whether a tough six months is a good indicator of the next year
  • Discover the impact of global policies on domestic fortunes
  • Understand which industries will be hardest hit
Ian Boyd

The Role Of The Accountant In Shaping The Modern Business Of 2020

A discussion between Australia's fastest growing Fintech and an established giant of SME business technology. Airwallex and Xero will discuss the concept of the modern business and the importance of thinking and acting globally for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Find out how SMEs are using technology to compete with big business and how their accounting partners are supporting them
  • Hear how Airwallex became the fastest unicorn in Australian history and how startups can supercharge their growth
  • Learn how to identify opportunities to save time and money with automating, offshoring and innovating
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