Define your dreams, write up that plan, and hold course until you make it. SMEs need all the help they can get to make it. See how businesses use commercial intelligence to find the shortcuts to success.

Day One

What If You Had the Power to Predict Your Business’ Future?

How I Turned My Compliance Firm into an Advisory Firm.

FUTRLI Demo – Discover IT, Decide IT, Do IT!

Advisory Beyond Numbers: How Thinking Bigger Could Save Your Client’s Life.

Get Rid Of Your Clients’ Cash Flow Worries For Good!

Simple Advisory Tools To Turn Client Insights Into Action.


Day Two

Propel Your Advisory Services to the Next Level with the Ideal Tech Stack.

How to Map Out your Advisory Roll Out.

What You Measure Is What You Get! The Power of the Daily Number.

What If You Had The Power To Predict Your Business’ Future?

Why Clients Want More and Why They Will Pay For It.

FUTRLI Demo – Discover IT, Decide IT, Do IT!

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