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Accounting Business Expo plays host to multiple, independent conferences, offering you maximum choice and flexibility. Each conference features it’s own theatre, schedule, related events and more. Your free ticket to Accounting Business Expo gives you access to all of the conferences at no cost!

Our 2020 Agenda will be arriving soon! Our 2019 conference tracks are listed below for a taste of what's in store for you as a free expo visitor for 2020. 

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Bookkeeping is enjoying a renaissance in a cloud-run world. How are bookkeepers keeping up with the pace of change? What are the hottest new services that your clients secretly need? How can you find more ways to be relevant and valued by your clients?

Anyone who runs an SME knows that streamlining operations is half the battle. Check out the latest ideas for automating product development and delivery, and slimming down or powering up the back office.


Peek over the horizon and meet the next wave of accounting technology and business startups racing to refresh the way we work. You will find buckets of innovation to supercharge your strategy for this year and beyond. 


In this crucial period of change, there couldn’t be a better time to consider the opportunities for your accounting practice. Pick up tips on how to define your business strategy in the changing world of financial planning. 


Budget is just around the corner, but it’s the legislation in the past 12 months that you need to know about. Discover the headline changes that matter to your clients and get the latest ideas for running a high-performing tax practice.

The secret to a strong SMSF service is staying on top of updates and pushing up your margin. Hear how to pick up those efficiency gains and brush up on the biggest issues for funds, trustees and beneficiaries.


Define your dreams, write up that plan, and hold course until you make it. SMEs need all the help they can get to make it. See how businesses use commercial intelligence to find the shortcuts to success.


SMEs need more help than ever planning and executing to achieve their dreams. Find out how to muscle out the business coaches and develop a client relationship that turns ambivalence into loyalty. 


From startup to growth phase right through to exit; a firm faces unique challenges at every stage. Whether you’re striking out on your own, looking for that next burst of growth or getting ready to sell, get the best advice from your peers who have been there and done it.

What is the perfect practice? It might be better quality clients, or more meaningful engagements, and it’s likely more efficient process and more profits. Find out how to create your perfect firm from definition to implementation and realisation in 2019.  

Tabletalks are small, informal, group discussions. These popular meetings offer you 45 minutes of undivided attention from an industry expert and a small group of your peers.


The future of business is frictionless. Check out the latest and greatest ideas that make accounting firms and SMEs more competitive.



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