Yoti is a digital, cross sector, mobile centric, biometric identity verification system that allows individuals prove their identity and age and businesses and organisations to validate the identity and age of people with whom they interact.
For consumers: Yoti is an app that helps them prove who they are and confirm the identities of others.  The set-up involves a four-minute process, where you link your facial biometrics to your phone and validate against your driving license and/or passport. Identities are verified using NIST approved facial recognition technology, government issued identity documents and where possible, biometric passport chips.  We distinguish ourselves with our approach to privacy and security, so the system has been architected so that it's impossible for us to monetise users personal data.
For businesses:  Yoti enables businesses to verify customers’ identities using biometrics and government-issued IDs. Businesses can use Yoti age verification when selling age-restricted goods or services. Yoti’s multi-factor authentication keeps websites and customer information secure and GDPR-compliant. Our age estimation technology securely estimates a person’s age by looking at their face. Yoti has launched Yoti Sign which offers the convenience and simplicity of e-signing platforms, but with the added security of biometric verification.
Yoti has been part of the UK Digital Policy Alliance steering group creating the 1296 Age Checking PAS, which is being made into a British Standard, chaired by Lord Erroll at Westminster ahead of the Digital Economy Act. We are industry chair for the DPA Age Verification & Internet Safety Steering Group; sponsor of the APPG Digital Identity, serve on the Home Office Identity Document Working Group, and are a member of the newly formed Association of Document Validation Professionals and the Age Verification Providers Association.
Website:  www.yoti.com
Visit Yoti World for real world business cases:  www.yoti.world


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