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Get more out of your staff with better organisation, smarter workflows and stronger support. Take a dive into how to optimise the operation of your firm, manage the capacity of your staff, increase profitability per client and per employee, and provide a better customer experience.


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Best Practice, Tuesday 12 November 2019

Alistair Dent
Best Practice

The Secret to Customer Satisfaction Like Amazon or Apple? Measuring NPS per Accountant

Why do tech companies such as NetFlix, Amazon and Apple have such astoundingly high scores for customer satisfaction? They use a system called Net Promoter Score to measure this intangible and work out ways to improve their score. You can start viewing your accounting services as experiences that you can constantly refine. Find out how one leading firm tracks NPS.
  • Learn how to make customer satisfaction a priority to increase your incoming referrals
  • Discover why measuring NPS by an accountant can unearth your best practices
  • Hear how to improve customer retention and increase cross-sells
Ben Miller

How to Build An Intelligent Practice

Working in accounting and tax can be overwhelming. Keeping up with case law, legislative changes, ATO rulings and announcements and macro-economic events on top of a heavy workload is nearly impossible. Emerging technologies can manage this burden by transforming the way we work. Find out how to escape repetitive processes and focus on selling intelligent insights instead.
  • Discover how to mine your existing client database for new business opportunities
  • Learn how to demonstrate value to clients when compliance services are becoming commoditised
  • Find out how to move away from retrospective compliance to proactive advisory work
Trudi Saul
Best Practice

How Robots Can Maximise Your Most Valuable Resources – People and Time

The worst thing you can do as a firm owner is to pay smart people to do dumb things. Robotic process automation is a tool that can help you and your staff focus on what matters. But you need to set it up correctly!
  • Discover the why and how behind robotic process automation
  • Learn how to identify the right tasks for automation
  • Find out how to successfully redeploy the extra capacity you create
Trudi Saul, Marketing Manager, FuseWorks
Stan Corner
Best Practice

How to Thrive in an Ever-Changing World

The best experience today will be the minimum expectation tomorrow. No longer can you rely on the importance of knowledge, acumen and reputation for differentiation. Customers are demanding that meaningful relationships and personalised experience are combined with convenience, affordability and technology. The next generation of employees is asking: What’s your purpose? How sustainable are you? How responsive are you to change?
  • Learn about the tools, skills and mindsets you need to keep pace and innovate
  • Discover why people want meaningful experiences, and how you can create them
  • Find out how to create a culture that attracts the best employees

Fast Track to Multi-Services: Mapping Workflows for 4+ Partner Firms

Firms can have several reasons for wanting to expand their services portfolio. A defensive hedge against lower compliance fees or to increase revenue from your existing client base. But how do you do this efficiently and easily? See the results of research into workflows of successful multi-partner firms and the optimal approach to service delivery.
  • Discover the critical workflows for multi-service firms including cross-selling and holistic reporting
  • Find out how long it takes to test and successfully roll out a second or third service
  • Learn how to recruit the right mix of skills to staff a new service line
Con Voultsios

How to Get Your Payout and Retire on a Million-Plus Dollars

Every firm owner looks forward to the day when they walk out of the office for the last time, taking a big, fat cheque with them. The easiest people to sell to are your best staff and junior partners – but what happens if they can’t afford the going price?
  • Find out how sale prices for firms have changed in the past 12 months – and the factors driving that change
  • Learn about new funding models that lend against the value of the business and not just the land it sits on
  • Discover how much your senior managers could borrow against the firm to buy it
Mark Ellem
Best Practice

The Danger of Not Moving to Progressive Reporting

The ATO’s push for further transparency into SMSFs means that regular fund processing is no longer an option – it’s standard. Two years on from major reforms, administrators who fail to process funds more frequently are living dangerously. Hear two experts unravel the shift to progressive processing and why technology is the core to transforming your SMSF service.
  • Learn about compliance reporting requirements and potential pitfalls
  • Discover the progressive processing approach to SMSF administration
  • Get a sneak peek at SuperMate’s Innovation Lab
Matt Paff
Best Practice

Unified Client View and Other Strategic Trends in Practice Management

Medium size and large firms are getting sick of managing multiple applications, with integrations that aren’t 100% reliable. Why should firms go-to cloud for cloud’s sake rather than a more measured cloudification strategy? And can a firm operate just as well or even better with generic business software? Learn about the strategic themes shaping firms’ thinking on practice software.
  • Discover why firms like Deloitte are going to Salesforce rather than accounting specific software
  • Find out whether the unified client view is more dream than reality
  • Hear about the technology decisions made by leading firms in the past 12 months
Ron Lesh

How Mobile Can Create Remarkable Experiences For Your Clients

The cloud lets accountants be accountants again. Something or someone else can now do the hack work. But the greatest threat to accountants is not the cloud or technology – it is failing to focus on what your customer wants. How are you harnessing technology to provide your client with remarkable experiences?
  • Discover why improved transparency creates trust with your clients
  • Learn why education creates connection – and how to deliver it to your clients without annoying them
  • Find out how you can give your client remarkable experiences
Ari Semertzidis
Best Practice

Ideal App Stack for Accountants vs Bookkeepers

Accountants and bookkeepers work best when their businesses are in sync – the same expectations for delivery, quality of work, and integrity of data. How can crossover in the tech stacks for these two roles improve data sharing? Take a look at the growing mix of apps that are supporting specialisations for each role.
  • Discover how to improve compatibility between the tech stack of a bookkeeper and an accountant
  • Find out which apps suit both accountants and bookkeepers
  • Learn about the types of specialised applications expanding services for each role
Sarah Lawrance
Best Practice

Best Tool for Cash Flow? Hear one CFO’s Top Picks

Cash flow forecasting is a critical tool in business but one that remains frustratingly manual for many businesses and accountants. Despite a proliferation of reporting apps, it often feels like a toss-up between automation, flexibility and price. Find out how the alternative solutions compare and the types of scenarios that have a clear winner.
  • Get an independent perspective from a heavy user of cash flow forecasting
  • Hear the pros and cons for the most popular tools
  • Learn how to find the best compromise of flexibility versus automation
last published: 23/Sep/19 02:25


Best Practice, Wednesday 13 November 2019

Gavin Whyte

A Radical Reimagining of Audit

The basics of carrying out an audit haven’t changed for centuries. The tectonic shifts in technology are giving rise to new ways of thinking that could see sampling dumped for real-time audits of every single transaction – even if an SME sells thousands of items a day.
  • Discover how changes access to banking data will give accountants much more power
  • Learn about the potential new models for audit and when they are likely to emerge
  • Find out how firms can redesign their audit teams and create radical new services
Dan Beck

Practical Tips on Making Dashboards in Power BI

Power BI is emerging as the weapon of choice for outsourced CFO services that report on financial and operational data. One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of reporting to clients is to show a dashboard of KPIs the CEO cares most about. See a mix of real dashboards for various industries that resulted in ongoing work.
  • Find out how to lay out a dashboard with the optimal amount of information for your client
  • Learn about the process for putting together a dashboard and the in-house skills required
  • Discover the set-up services you can sell to set up a client with an automatically updating dashboard
Ryan Kagan
Best Practice

Inside the Tech Stack of a Cloud-Focused, Multi-Discipline Firm

How does a firm provide business technology consulting, finance, commercial real estate, insurance, grants, business intelligence, law, accounting and bookkeeping, all under the one roof?Hear how one firm combines server-based practice management, cloud business software and an enterprise data lake to deliver a smorgasbord of options for SMEs.
  • Discover how a mid-size firm incorporates the latest tech without throwing out existing systems
  • Hear how enterprise cloud technology drives a business intelligence unit run by data scientists
  • Find out how to squeeze the most out of Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite
Hank de Jonge

How To Turn That Problem File Into a Client For Life

Every time a struggling business closes, you lose a client. Discover a new way to help and retain that client for life. You can change your model for dealing with clients in financial distress by utilising pre-insolvency services. Find out how this independent professional advice can assist your clients to gain a far superior outcome.
  • Walk away with the solution to your problem files
  • Learn the new way you can help clients in financial distress
  • Discover how to strengthen client relationships by helping identify and deal with risk
Gary Weisz

Why You Need More Than A Reporting Tool to Deliver Advisory

Have you tried delivering business advisory using small business reporting tools? You will have discovered it takes a little more grunt to say something useful. The real gold in strategic advice requires information from operational software and external data sources as well as the accounting file. Hear about a different take to delivering proactive advisory services that scales.
  • Discover the power of instant access to data and insights to make data driven decisions
  • Learn how to provide timely insights and report packs to clients instantly
  • Find out how to update your clients and colleagues with alerts and automated reports
Stephen Dowling
Best Practice

How to Create Healthy Minds at Work

What mental health and safety challenges do you face when serving your business clients? Business is mentally challenging every day, and providing specialist services that focus on money can create anxiety and stress for everyone involved. Learn about three approaches for creating a mentally healthy workplace where you, your staff feel supported and your clients feel cared for.
  • Find out why good mental health is essential to sustaining a successful accounting practice
  • Discover cost effective, evidence based ways to increase your mental health literacy to support self and others
  • Get strategies that promote healthy minds at work, for you, for your team and for your clients
Rebecca Mihalic

The Shared Service Model And Other Growth Options for Cloud Firms

It is relatively easy to start a cloud firm yourself – but relatively difficult to scale it if you have become the major attraction. Even if you hire a junior, your clients all want to see you! Hear how cloud firms are using tech and partnerships to give themselves new options, with or without an equity piece.
  • Find out how to avoid burnout by expanding your services with other star performers
  • Learn how you can leverage technology to increase your ability to grow
  • Discover a way to beat the “one-person show” blues
Panel discussion

The Shared Service Model And Other Growth Options for Cloud Firms

It is relatively easy to start a cloud firm yourself – but relatively difficult to scale it if you have become the major attraction. Even if you hire a junior, your clients all want to see you! Hear how cloud firms are using tech and partnerships to give themselves new options, with or without an equity piece.
  • Find out how to avoid burnout by expanding your services with other star performers
  • Learn how you can leverage technology to increase your ability to grow
  • Discover a way to beat the “one-person show” blues
Ryan Kagan
Best Practice

Want to Maximise Customer Experience? Centralise Your Client Calls

Who should hold responsibility for responding to clients on time and with the correct response? In a small firm it’s the individual accountants. But as a firm grows, so does the client base and the range of services. An accountant in wealth management is unlikely to know whether the insurance department can solve a client’s problem.
  • Hear how one mid-size firm controls when and where to rout inbound client calls
  • Find out how to measure response times for all your staff to client queries
  • Learn how to move to a centralised model and still retain a personalised feel
Tim Hoopmann
Best Practice

How Better Email Practices Can Improve Your Team’s Mental Health

What’s the number one cause of stress for your staff? Chances are it is email overwhelm. The sheer volume of emails can cripple teams with anxiety for fear of missing a crucial note and copping abuse from clients or criticism from the boss. A tech solution to this problem can transform their work lives for the better.
  • Find out what happens when you replace all internal emails with a chat system
  • Discover the power of using a single email address for client requests
  • Learn how to deal with the post-holiday overload
Best Practice

Why You Should Move your Clients onto Microsoft Teams Too

Skype for Business is dead! Long live Microsoft Teams, a far more powerful platform. Did you know that you can give your clients their own Team and chat to them directly rather than by email? That may sound like inviting chaos into your life – but in fact it can free you from the nightmare of email overload.
  • Discover the efficiencies in your practice by moving conversations from Outlook to Teams
  • Find out why you should open Teams up to clients – and not just internal communications
  • Learn how to manage clients’ expectations and keep chat to the bare minimum
Alan FitzGerald
Best Practice

Why Microsoft Could Replace Your App Stack

The latest incarnation of Microsoft Office has a toolset far greater than Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft has added an array of add-ons that are of instant benefit to accounting firms of any size. And these low-cost tools could replace the hodgepodge of expensive apps you currently use.
  • See an ROI shootout between a typical cloud app stack vs Office alternatives
  • Understand the different Office 365 plans and what you get with each
  • Find out which practice apps firms have already replaced with Microsoft equivalents
last published: 23/Sep/19 02:25


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