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Digital transformation is more than just the cloud. All the latest strategies, tips and tactics for finding the best customers for your firm. Where are your clients and what are the best tools for reaching them? How to get the most out of social with the least effort and time. How can you measure ROI from marketing? A dive into the tactical background of digital marketing, with a practical twist.


Tactical presentations, practical workshops and interactive panel discussions.


Sales & Marketing, Tuesday 12 November 2019

Aris Liacopoulos

How to Unlock The True Value of Advisory

The term advisory is thrown around at conferences like lollies at a kids party. What does advisory really mean and how can it benefit you? Hear a panel of accountants selling advisory explain what your clients really want, how you can find that information and – most importantly – how to value it.
  • Learn how to sell and deliver advisory to clients of all sizes
  • Find out how to use advisory to up-skill and monetise juniors in your practice
  • Discover what clients value in an advisory service
Ben Miller

How to Build An Intelligent Practice

Working in accounting and tax can be overwhelming. Keeping up with case law, legislative changes, ATO rulings and announcements and macro-economic events on top of a heavy workload is nearly impossible. Emerging technologies can manage this burden by transforming the way we work. Find out how to escape repetitive processes and focus on selling intelligent insights instead.
  • Discover how to mine your existing client database for new business opportunities
  • Learn how to demonstrate value to clients when compliance services are becoming commoditised
  • Find out how to move away from retrospective compliance to proactive advisory work
David Burke

Fast Track to Multi-Services: Mapping Workflows for Today's Accounting Firms

Firms can have several reasons for wanting to expand their services portfolio. A defensive hedge against lower compliance fees or to increase revenue from your existing client base. But how do you do this efficiently and easily? See the results of research into workflows of successful multi-partner firms and the optimal approach to service delivery.
  • Discover the critical workflows for multi-service firms including cross-selling and holistic reporting
  • Find out how long it takes to test and successfully roll out a second or third service
  • Learn how to recruit the right mix of skills to staff a new service line
Joshua Van Gestel

We Need to Talk About – Financial Resilience

Financial stress can impact productivity, health and relationships in all businesses. Building financial resilience for your clients is important and goes beyond today. Want to know how to help your clients take one of their biggest business expenses and make it a key part of their employee experience?
  • Discover the importance of your clients’ health, and financial resilience
  • Learn how to promote the importance of employee engagement and performance
  • Find out how to talk about the importance of superannuation as a key employee benefit
Joshua Van Gestel, National Education Manager, Sunsuper
Ron Lesh

How Mobile Can Create Remarkable Experiences For Your Clients

The cloud lets accountants be accountants again. Something or someone else can now do the hack work. But the greatest threat to accountants is not the cloud or technology – it is failing to focus on what your customer wants. How are you harnessing technology to provide your client with remarkable experiences?
  • Discover why improved transparency creates trust with your clients
  • Learn why education creates connection – and how to deliver it to your clients without annoying them
  • Find out how you can give your client remarkable experiences
last published: 12/Nov/19 21:25


Sales & Marketing, Wednesday 13 November 2019

Dyean Moodley

A Radical Reimagining of Audit

The basics of carrying out an audit haven’t changed for centuries. The tectonic shifts in technology are giving rise to new ways of thinking that could see sampling dumped for real-time audits of every single transaction – even if a SME sells thousands of items a day.
  • Discover how changes access to banking data will give accountants much more power
  • Learn about the potential new models for audit and when they are likely to emerge
  • Find out how firms can redesign their audit teams and create radical new services
Dyean Moodley, Director, AARC Digital & Innovation, KPMG
Dan Beck

Practical Tips on Making Dashboards in Power BI

Power BI is emerging as the weapon of choice for outsourced CFO services that report on financial and operational data. One of the best ways to demonstrate the value of reporting to clients is to show a dashboard of KPIs the CEO cares most about. See a mix of real dashboards for various industries that resulted in ongoing work.
  • Find out how to lay out a dashboard with the optimal amount of information for your client
  • Learn about the process for putting together a dashboard and the in-house skills required
  • Discover the set-up services you can sell to set up a client with an automatically updating dashboard
Hank de Jonge

How To Turn That Problem File Into a Client For Life

Every time a struggling business closes, you lose a client. Discover a new way to help and retain that client for life. You can change your model for dealing with clients in financial distress by utilising pre-insolvency services. Find out how this independent professional advice can assist your clients to gain a far superior outcome.
  • Walk away with the solution to your problem files
  • Learn the new way you can help clients in financial distress
  • Discover how to strengthen client relationships by helping identify and deal with risk
Ben Gill
Sales & Marketing

How to Tap Into the Entrepreneurial Boom? Tweak Your Message (and Price)

Over 200,000 new businesses have registered in Australia in the past 12 months. predicts that by 2020 half the workforce will work from home as consultants. Yet too many firms are pricing themselves out of the game for company registration.
  • Find out how to win this booming segment and pick up a stream of new customers.
  • Find out why entrepreneurs are bypassing firms to register businesses themselves
  • Discover how one firm made $100k from 100 registrations – in just 200 hours
  • Learn how to tweak your sales, pricing and marketing to capture this demand
Sharon McClafferty

The Shared Service Model And Other Growth Options for Cloud Firms

It is relatively easy to start a cloud firm yourself – but relatively difficult to scale it if you have become the major attraction. Even if you hire a junior, your clients all want to see you! Hear how cloud firms are using tech and partnerships to give themselves new options, with or without an equity piece.
  • Find out how to avoid burnout by expanding your services with other star performers
  • Learn how you can leverage technology to increase your ability to grow
  • Discover a way to beat the “one-person show” blues
Melanie Power
Sales & Marketing

How to Build a Sales Funnel with Automated Onboarding for Your Practice

"You don’t need to wait until you have a big business to automate your systems. A lead generation system can pull prospects from Facebook and push them through your sales funnel. You can also use the same system to send welcome videos and app training to new clients.Stats for how to use tech to create lead gen systems and sales funnels. What it takes - if you’re a sole trader you don’t need to have a big biz to scale. But you need tech. That’s the real clincher. Share the tech - how to start. Doesn’t have to be something that you sell but how do I make my on-boarding of clients easier. E.g. Active Campaign to use s.thing like RB they get a welcome video, this is what you need to get started, download the app. All that on-boarding stuff it’s not just the app itself it’s the tech that you can use within the practice."
  • Learn how to set up a targeted lead generation system
  • Find out how to use email marketing software to automate on-boarding
  • Discover how to use online learning platforms to reduce common client questions
last published: 12/Nov/19 21:25


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