Automating Tax

Add more hours back to your day by moving to the latest systems for finding answers and dealing with clients. Take a dive into how you can use the latest tax tools to increase the efficiency of your compliance, make more money from compliance and more.


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Automating Tax, Tuesday 12 November 2019

Ron Drost
Automating Tax

The Revolution Continues: The Next Chapter in the ATO’s Correspondence Road Map

The biggest change in 30 years in ATO document delivery has already hit – and the ATO has another lot of changes in the pipeline. Practices need to implement five key changes to their processes for handling Notices of Assessment and stay compliant with privacy and security guidelines.
  • Discover the fastest way to process, check and file NOAs and deliver to your client
  • Learn how you can apply the latest in machine learning and robotics to ATO documentation
  • Get some tips for developing a solid digital delivery strategy
last published: 18/Sep/19 04:55


Automating Tax, Wednesday 13 November 2019

Sholto Macpherson

Accountants as AI Auditors: Why We Need to Watch Machine Learning

The magic of machine learning is its ability to spot correlations hidden in data. Commercially valuable insights impossible (or unprofitable) to find by human means. But ML can’t tell you why they exist. The ignorance created by partial knowledge can have a catastrophic impact in life and in business.
  • Understand the risks of intellectual debt in business, with recent examples in medicine, airlines and finance
  • Discover why there is a growing need to investigate ML-based recommendations
  • Hear how accountants could step into the role of AI auditor, and the skills required
last published: 18/Sep/19 04:55


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