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Knowing your way around accounting software isn’t enough. Your clients expect you to know their mission critical applications and how they send data to their accounting software. Accountants that understand apps can better understand their clients. Get up to speed here.


Tactical presentations, practical workshops and interactive panel discussions.

Previous Topics

    • Extensible accounting systems – when add-ons don’t add up
    • Big changes to how you process ATO correspondence – are you ready?
    • A crash course in innovation strategy from a Big Four bank
    • The next killer feature in accounting? Holistic expense management
    • It’s not Alzheimers! Why we are struggling with passwords
    • How to monetise informal loans with a cloud-based register
    • Losing control of stock? Know when your client’s inventory management needs an upgrade
    • Pain-free payments – the next wave in client services
    • Finding a better way – how to take your firm to the cloud
    • Measuring your ROI on people and culture is impossible, right? Not any more
    • Don’t settle for second best when it comes to apps (especially expenses)
    • Why SMSF accountants can no longer rely on annual processing
    • Testing the outer limits of accounting software – how big can you go?
    • The essential toolkit for delivering CFO services
    • Adding an app to your practice or client’s operations? Here’s how NOT to do it


Previous Topics

  • Benchmark advisory for tradies – fast ways to improve profit
  • Don’t call me a Bookkeeper! How to digitise a bookkeeping practice
  • How proper inventory management can help your clients master multiple sales channels
  • The secret to scaling a subscription business
  • Tools and techniques for your advisor journey
  • How to automate firms by using apps as full-time equivalents
  • How blockchain can turn company equity into a currency
  • How to use BI to replace printed reports in mid and large firms
  • How to build a model for data-driven advice in your firm
  • Tips for managing your work time with an Apple Watch
  • Smithink tech survey 2018 – how does your firm compare?
  • How to keep your best SME clients by avoiding ERPs
  • Big clients slowing down their software? Workarounds for QBO and Xero
  • Perfect match: Is new advice software doing enough to get a rose?
  • How to evaluate tech effectively for your firm (and clients)
  • How to use Microsoft Power BI with Xero to run your practice KPIs
  • The right medicine: How Surface tablets changed a firm’s operations and culture

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