Advisory & Analytics

Want to give your clients the fastest path to growth? It’s all about dashboards, data and delivery. Take a look at the tools to help you deliver advisory and tell it as a story that your client understands. The bigger the client the more data they have. Learn how to turn that data into valuable advice.


Tactical presentations, practical workshops and interactive panel discussions.

Previous Topics

    • De-mystifying “Advisory Services”
    • Why I retrained my accountants as Google Data Engineers
    • What we can learn from the Poms – how accountants are winning with digital tax
    • Data scientist or data engineer? Understanding the best options for accountants
    • The essential toolkit for delivering CFO services
    • How a regional firm uses data engineering in advisory


Previous Topics

  • The future of BI reporting and democratising analytics
  • Busting the hype: what’s really possible with Machine Learning in the next 5 years
  • Tools and techniques for your advisor journey
  • How to use BI to replace printed reports in mid and large firms
  • How to build a model for data-driven advice in your firm
  • Tech expert for clients – when do you bring it in-house?
  • Perfect match: Is new advice software doing enough to get a rose?
  • How to make the jump from Excel to databases in advisory
  • How to evaluate tech effectively for your firm (and clients)
  • How to use Microsoft Power BI with Xero to run your practice KPIs
  • The right medicine: How Surface tablets changed a firm’s operations and culture

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