Thomas Mørch Frøsig | Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Mørch Frøsig, Chief Executive Officer, Immumap

Thomas Mørch Frøsig, PhD, CEO/CSO and cofounder of ImmuMap, has successfully established the company as a key player in advanced monitoring of cellular immunity. Dr. Frøsig did his PhD on methods for T cell epitope discovery at the Danish Center for Cancer Immune Therapy/University of Copenhagen with professor Sine Reker Hadrup and as part of these studies became an expert in immune oncology and advanced flow cytometry. Upon the PhD, Dr. Frøsig did a post doc on using pigs as a model for cancer vaccination with professor Gregers Jungersen, before being instrumental in spinning out ImmuMap from the Danish Technical University for offering high-level academic expertise to the commercial community.


Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 1st April 2020 @ 14:20

Accelerating drug development by immune monitoring

Our vision is to decrease the risk of drug development failure by:
  • Maximizing the mechanistic information obtained from all phases of drug development
  • Identifying customer needs and tailoring the solutions delivered accordingly
  • Giving access to frontline expertise as part of our service
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