Tamir Singer | Head Of Commercial Development, Specialised Commissioning
NHS England

Tamir Singer, Head Of Commercial Development, Specialised Commissioning, NHS England

Tamir has a background in management consulting with an MBA prior to taking different roles in the NHS, both working for a Trust and a Commissioner, as well as working for an international acute hospital chain. Tamir joined NHS England in 2016 and he is now the Head of Commercial Development in the Commercial Medicines Directorate, leading a team that is responsible for commercial access solutions, negotiations, and strategic engagement with Pharmaceutical companies, in order to promote innovation and better healthcare outcomes for patients.


Day 1 - Monday 7th September @ 17:40

Commercial Readiness for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

-Successful engagement and collaboration with NHSE&I-Using different lenses and the overarching commercial approach to support reimbursement-Maximising chances for successful negotiations and faster reimbursement
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