Sara Wrobel | European Product Manager - Genomics

Sara Wrobel, European Product Manager - Genomics, Bio-Techne

Sara Wrobel is the Product Manager for Genomics in Europe at Bio-Techne. Sara gained her DPhil from Oxford University, investigating the molecular mechanisms of T cell activation and how T cell co-stimulatory signals can be manipulated for therapeutic use. She currently works as a product manager with the Advanced Cell Diagnostics, a Bio-Techne brand, working with European researchers and therapeutic developers to see how spatial mapping of gene expression with RNAscope technology can accelerate the development of discovery and bringing novel therapies to the clinic.


Day 2: Wednesday 6th October @ 15:00

Establishing the safety and efficacy of advanced therapies – the bio-distribution question

·ATMPs bring a great opportunity for novel solutions for longstanding healthcare challenges – but with novel new therapies consideration is needed of the associated risks, which bring greater chances of newer and unique adverse events that are difficult to identify.·Current non-clinical and pre-clinical methods to understand ATMPS provide specificity to unique cell and gene therapies, but can often lack the tissue context, which is essential in understanding, delivery, bio-distribution and immune interactions.·How is RNAscope technology being used to expand understanding and answer important questions in the pre-clinical development of a range of advanced therapies
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