Pervinder Sagoo | Director, Gene And Cell Therapy
Orchard Therapeutics

Pervinder Sagoo, Director, Gene And Cell Therapy, Orchard Therapeutics

Piv Sagoo is Director of Research & Discovery at Orchard Therapeutics, a commercial Gene & Cell therapy biotech company that develops haematopoietic stem cell-based gene therapies to treat patients with rare genetic disorders. She leads a team focused on basic and preclinical research into the application of stem cell gene therapy for new disease targets, and process developments of Orchards early stage clinical drug products. Piv has an academic research background spanning basic, preclinical and clinical immunology, having led projects with a translational context in the fields of solid organ and stem cell transplantation, infection and immunity.  She joined Orchard Therapeutics in 2018 after leading research projects at Imperial College London, King’s College London, Institut Pasteur Paris and University College London.

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