Michael Lanero Fidalgo | COO
TreeFrog Therapeutics

Michael Lanero Fidalgo, COO, TreeFrog Therapeutics

Most recently heading the EMEA Biodevelopment Center of Merck KGaA in France, Michaël Lanero Fidalgo brings to TreeFrog Therapeutics an 18-year experience of senior leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to his experience at Merck in transitioning innovative therapies into commercial manufacturing, he worked for 10 years in vaccine process development field at GlaxoSmithKline in Belgium.


Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 1st April 2020 @ 14:00

Introducing a dominant design to scale-up cell therapy manufacturing

  • C-StemTM : a breakthrough technology for iPSC expansion and differentiation in bioreactors based on 3D stem cell encapsulation
  • iPSC culture scale-up : expansion factor, viability, pluripotency, genomic integrity, costs
  • Case study: a ready-to-use organoid format for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease
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