Maryam Shariatzadeh | Post-Doctoral Researcher, Centre For Biological Engineering
Loughborough University

Maryam Shariatzadeh, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Centre For Biological Engineering, Loughborough University

Dr Maryam Shariatzadeh is an interdisciplinary bioengineering scientist, and a qualified pharmacist whose project focuses on development of ODE mechanistic modelling for T cell therapy manufacture to offer cost effective solutions in T cells / CAR T cells bioprocessing / process control and reducing bio process risk. She currently works as a post-doctoral researcher based at Centre for Biological Engineering (CBE) Loughborough University and her research interests include, T cells processing and manufacturing, bio process control, stem cells characterization, stem cells manufacturing, stem cells 3D culture and biomaterials.


Conference Day 1 - Tuesday 31st March 2020 @ 13:20

An ODE Model for Optimal Operation of T-Cell Culture in Suspension Systems

  • ODEmodelling approach to control T cells bio process
  • Mechanistic T cell model allows prediction of variability in process outcomes with respect to input variability including cell seeding density, dilution rate and frequency and Glucose concentration
  • Defining first and secondary limiting factors in T cells growth and exhaustion and their effect on the sub-set phenotype
  • Process optimisation and reduce the risk in T cell bioprocessing
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