Marco Fadda | ATMP Solutions Manager
Comecer S.p.A.

Marco Fadda, ATMP Solutions Manager, Comecer S.p.A.

Marco Fadda, MS, Biomed. Eng., began his professional life as researcher at Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna, (IT), in the Biomechanics Laboratory. In that context he was part of a team dedicated to investigating the quality of bone cutting using robot held tools, and the corresponding surgical planning and surgical execution processes. Subsequently he moved to a series of companies dedicated to medical robotics, performing development, training customers and OR staff, supporting robot-assisted orthopedic procedures. In the course of his professional life, he served as an executive for several brands in the Medical Device Industry, with various commercial roles and a particular focus in understanding medical needs and transforming them into argumentations to support procedures and medical tools. Since 2014, he is dedicated to the development of principles and solutions for managing cellular products in aseptic environments. The primary focus of his current position is applying the principles of isolation technology to this particular branch of the medical field, aiming at performing research and production of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products under GMP conditions, while continuing to work towards a simplification of the production processes to achieve a wider acceptance of these products.


Day 2: Wednesday 6th October @ 14:30

Consolidated GMP Technology can help in Successful Fast Go-To-Market of New Advanced Cell Therapy Procedures

  • Rapid evolving scenario suggests a fast, flawless go-to-market for Advanced Therapies
  • To address the above, a fast and reliable way to manage the different variables influencing Product and Process Quality, in the peculiar aspects of both, is required.
  • Current closed technologies, integrated with suitable SOPs, can offer the right level of confidence for running AT processes solving the major production issues concerned with potential manufacturing failures, thus allowing early stable results and easier market access.
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