Magali Taiel | CMO
GenSight Biologics

Magali Taiel, CMO, GenSight Biologics

Dr. Taiel completed her doctorate in Medicine with board
certified in Ophthalmology from Lariboisiere Saint Louis
University, Paris, France, in 1993, and her Associate Professor
degree in 1998. Dr Taiel completed her internship at academic
Paris hospitals, was an Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, served as an
Ophthalmology Department Head, and ran Surgical and Medical Ophthalmology private
practice. After 13 years of Ophthalmology public and private practice, Dr Taiel has been
engaged in the Pharma Industry for 20 years; she brings extensive experience and
expertise in drug clinical development, gene therapy, and medical affairs. She started her
carrier at Servier company headquarter, and then worked in Ophthalmology area at
Pfizer for several years; she then held international and management positions in various
therapeutic areas, including both technical and supervision duties, at Eli Lilly Company for
many years. Then, as VP Clinical Development, she led Clinical Development and
Operations, to develop antisense oligonucleotides in Inherited Retinal diseases at ProQR
Therapeutics. She then moved to GenSight-Biologics in 2018, to supervise the Medical
Department and lead Gene Therapy programs in Inherited Retinal and NeuroOphthalmology diseases, as the CMO of the company.
Dr. Taiel has authored numerous protocols and articles published in peer reviewed
journals, and made critical contributions to successful clinical development and launch of
many products. She brings extensive years of experience from both academic medicine
and pharma industry.

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