Luis Borges | Chief Scientific Officer
Century Therapeutics

Luis Borges, Chief Scientific Officer, Century Therapeutics

Luis Borges is Chief Scientific Officer at Century Therapeutics where he leads the research and development of genetically engineered iPSCs-derived immune cell products for the treatment of cancer. Century is committed to developing novel off-the-shelf cell products that overcome the limitations of first-generation CAR-cell therapies and expand patient access to innovative cell therapies. Before joining Century, Luis was CSO at Cell Medica where he led the development of allogeneic CAR-NKT cell therapies. Prior to joining Cell Medica, Luis served as SVP of Research at Five Prime Therapeutics, where he oversaw the transition of the company into cancer immunotherapy. Before joining Five Prime, Luis worked at positions of increased responsibility at Immunex and Amgen where he led numerous drug development teams. He received his PhD from the University of Washington, Seattle in 1995.


Pre-Conference Workshop Day - Monday 30th March 2020 @ 17:10

Genetically engineered iPSC-derived immune cells for cancer immunotherapy

Conference Day 1 - Tuesday 31st March 2020 @ 09:20

Realizing the promise of ATMPs for patients around the world

  • Working with regulators to navigate scale up challenges in manufacturing
  • Strategies in supply chain and patient delivery
  • Tackling post manufacturing commercialization challenges such as pricing and finding highly skilled experts
  • Durability
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