Jennifer Harbottle | Senior Scientist, R&D, Cell and Gene Therapy
Horizon Discovery Ltd

Jennifer Harbottle, Senior Scientist, R&D, Cell and Gene Therapy, Horizon Discovery Ltd

Dr Jennifer Harbottle is a Senior Scientist in the R&D Base Editing, Cell and Gene Therapy team of PerkinElmer’s Horizon Discovery business. Since joining the company in May 2019, her work has contributed towards the development and commercialisation of the Pin-point™ base editing platform, including a focus on application of the novel technology in the context of engineered immune cell therapies, and development of strategies to assess the precision and safety profile of selected gene editing agents. Jennifer obtained her PhD in Cell Biology at the University of Aberdeen (UK) and was first enticed by base editing in 2018 during an R&D project at Oxford Genetics Ltd (now OXGENE). She now works full time on the innovative technology to support and drive Pin-point™s full potential in next generation therapeutics.


Day 1: Tuesday 5th October @ 14:30

Base editing – An innovative and safer gene editing solution for advanced cell and gene therapy

  • Gene editing technologies have successfully been used to improve the next generation of C&GT.
  • However, standard gene editing platforms such as TALEN and CRISPR-Cas9 trigger concerning off target effects that could hinder wider clinical application.
  • Pin-point™ base editing offers more precise, efficacious and safer gene editing for innovative development of more potent and cost-effective C&GT.
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