Hansjorg Hauser | Head Of Department Of Scientific Strategy
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research GmbH

Hansjorg Hauser, Head Of Department Of Scientific Strategy, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research GmbH

Hansjörg Hauser’s expertise is molecular biology. He is studying events in transcription activation and signal transduction that mediate consequences of infections. With this work he tries to connect molecular events of innate immune reactions with complex phenotypes in the organism. He is also active in translational research concerning gene expression in biotechnology and gene/cell therapies.

Lecturer at the Universities of Oldenburg and the Medical University of Hannover and guest professor at Lisbon University. Scientific organization of practical and theoretical courses and meetings for the HZI and the European Communities. Member of three centre core grants. Coordination of several EU-funded projects. Scientific advisor (case to case) for companies and Biotech start-ups. (Co)organiser of diverse national and international symposia, congresses, workshops and courses. Vice president of ESACT (European Society of Animal Cell Technology) Reviewer for Scientific Journals and Research Foundations from Germany, Europe, USA and Israel.

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