Gabriel Brooks | Vice President, Translational And Clinical Research And Development

Gabriel Brooks, Vice President, Translational And Clinical Research And Development, 4DMT

Dr Brooks is a clinical Cardiologist with specialties in advanced cardiac imaging and clinical trial design and execution who trained at Cornell University, Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of California San Francisco. He has accumulated >15 years of clinical and clinical development experience including positions as a medical director at Gilead and General Electric Life Sciences as well as an Assistant Clinical Professor at University of California San Francisco. As Vice President Research and Development and Neuromuscular Therapeutic Area Head, Dr. Brooks oversees the translational and clinical development of novel AAV directed Gene therapies for indications in Cardiovascular, Muscular, Neuromuscular and Lysosomal Storage Diseases. 4DMT leverages a robust discovery platform, termed “Therapeutic Vector Evolution”, to create customized and proprietary gene delivery vehicles (novel AAV vectors) to deliver genes to specific tissues and cells in the body by the optimal route of administration. 4DMT has two open INDs in ophthalmologic indications with several new indications poised to enter the clinic.


Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 1st April 2020 @ 15:00

Leveraging industralized directed evolution for tissue targeted AAV capsids in Fabry disease

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