Friedemann Loos | Innovation Manager
BioRN Cluster Management Gmbh

Friedemann Loos, Innovation Manager, BioRN Cluster Management Gmbh

Focusing on genome engineering and transgenesis, Friedemann earned his PhD in 2015 from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam. He followed up by conducting postdoctoral research in the lab of Guido Kroemer at Institut Gustave Roussy and the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers in Paris. Working at the interface of immuno-oncology and autophagy, he introduced new genome editing tools and acted as manager of the LabEx Immuno-Oncology, a high-profile French research consortium of leading immuno-oncology labs (including amongst others Guido Kroemer, Laurence Zitvogel, Jessica Zucman-Rossi and Catherine Saut├Ęs-Fridman). Friedemann also worked for the Research Executive Agency of the European Commission, where he was involved in the evaluation of project proposals under the framework of FET-Open, a program to support potentially disruptive technologies. In January 2019 Friedemann joined BioRN to support translation of research from our Network.

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