Francesca Bellintani | Downstream Process Development Manager

Francesca Bellintani, Downstream Process Development Manager, Molmed

Francesca Bellintani is a Downstream Process Development Manager at MolMed. Biologist by education she holds a degree in Biology from University of Milan working on overproduction and purification of recombinant proteins; she is specialised in Biochemistry working on Phage display in Cambridge University. With a demonstrated history of work in the biotechnology industry, she joined MolMed in 2007 and worked in the Development Unit with growing responsibilities, supervising a multidisciplinary team of scientists on projects from development to early phase GMP manufacturing. Francesca Bellintani has a strong operations expertise in the development of processes for the purification of proteins and retroviral/lentiviral vectors using chromatography and tangential flow filtration techniques.


Conference Day 1 - Tuesday 31st March 2020 @ 14:40

Large Scale Production of LV and RV Vectors for T- and CD34+ Cells Transduction

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