Florence Allouche Ghrenassia | President And Chief Executive Officer

Florence Allouche Ghrenassia, President And Chief Executive Officer, Sparingvision

In 2000, after roles in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, she created the Tech and Transfer Office of the Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP), that she managed and developed for 16 years. Over this period of time, more than 70 biotech, meditech and ehealth startups were launched as part of an active policy for technology transfer and spin-offs.

Florence Allouche was one of the first administrators of the Medicen competitive cluster, a board member of the main Ile-de-France business incubators (AGORANOV, Paris Biotech Santé, Genopole) and as administrator of the CURIE network, she represented French international technology transfer structures (AUTM, ASTP).

She is an Associate Professor at Paris Descartes Faculty of Pharmacy where she designed and implemented new courses specialised in pharmaceutical innovation and entrepreneurship.

Since 2016, Florence Allouche has been President and CEO of SparingVision, a spin-off of the Institut de la Vision in Paris, which is developing a disruptive therapeutic strategy that will treat all forms of retinitis pigmentosa and maintain patients' eyesight. The treatment developed by SparingVision is in the process of obtaining regulatory validation and is planned to arrive on the market in 2024. SparingVision raised EUR 15.5 million in a Series A round.

She is a member of the the Big Investment Plan with the French Prime Minister (Comité de Surveillance des investissements d’avenir - Secrétariat General pour l’Investissement).

Florence Allouche was Laureate and Grand Prix of ILAB2017, winner of the HEC Trajectoires Au Féminin Prize 2017, winner of the Mercure HEC des Entrepreneurs 2019 Award and she was elected « Woman of the Year 2017 » by La Tribune, a French business magazine.


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TBC Preventing and slowing down progression of cones degeneration, first step in retinitis pigmentosa evolution

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