Conrad Russell Y Cruz | Translational Research Laboratories Director
Children's National Medical Center

Conrad Russell Y Cruz, Translational Research Laboratories Director, Children's National Medical Center

Dr. Cruz is developing immune cell-based therapies for cancer and HIV. His work is focused on T cells and NK cells – experimentally tractable cells of the adaptive and innate immune response, respectively, that have been used in the clinics. His laboratory is focused on different ways of developing these T cells - genetic modification, ex vivo expansion, and combination with current chemotherapies. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Children's National Medical Center/The George Washington University and helps lead the Translational Research Laboratories of the newly established Program for Cell Enhancement and Technologies for Immunotherapy (CETI) at Children’s National Medical Center/The George Washington University in Washington, DC.


Conference Day 2 - Wednesday 1st April 2020 @ 17:00

Engineering NK Cell Resistance to the Tumor Microenvironment

last published: 05/Dec/19 09:46 GMT

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