Sutura Therapeutics



Sutura Therapeutics is a UK gene medicine company with a range of platform technologies that enhance the delivery and efficacy of RNA-targeting ‘Antisense Oligonucleotide’ gene medicines. Our pre-clinical pipeline has been developed from our patent protected ‘stitch-staple’ peptide delivery technology, which uses the cell’s own biology to deliver antisense oligonucleotides to multiple target tissues.


This approach addresses the current clinical translational bottlenecks, namely inefficient systemic cargo delivery and toxicity. Delivery of novel antisense oligonucleotide therapeutics to affected tissues can regulate the target gene by either turning up or turning down gene expression as desired for clinical benefit. Many of these targets are considered ‘undruggable’ by other more conventional therapeutics.


Our pipeline features gene medicines that target the heart, skeletal muscle and brain, with the most advanced focused on non-ambulatory DMD patients, where there is significant unmet medical need.