Stem Genomics


Stem Genomics is a French biotechnology specialized in designing innovative testing technologies dedicated to stem cells. We are a spin-out of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Biotherapy (IRMB) and co-founded by Prof. John de Vos and Dr. Said Assou in 2018. Cultured stem cells have the advantage to quickly multiply and to potentially differentiate into any cell type, but they are subject to selection pressures that favour the appearance of genomic abnormalities. As recurrent abnormalities can overcome cultures in a few passages, testing their genetic integrity through all the culture is essential to avoid spending unnecessary time and resources in unexploitable cultures. Our iCS-digitalTM test is a rapid, highly-sensitive, straightforward and cost-effective method for monitoring cell lines on a regular basis in culture, for controlling the cells before initiating critical and costly steps (banking, differentiation) and for screening clones after reprogramming or gene editing.

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