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At Sorbus Biomedical, we develop technical solutions for cell cultivation that goes beyond the capabilities of current day standardized equipment. Overcoming limitations of traditional equipment in the lab environment, our cultivation technology reduce unwanted stress and damage in cells by providing dynamic and highly controlled conditions more similar to that of the natural cellular environment in the body. Started in 2020 and located at the SmiLe Incubator in the university city of Lund (Sweden), Sorbus Biomedical was created by founder Roger E. Rönn with the purpose of developing new advanced systems for cell cultivation, and to bring superior tools and capabilities to users in Life Science. In his earlier career as a stem cell biologist, dr. Rönn demonstrated how traditionally used equipment contribute to unwanted damage in cultivated cells, directly resulting in reduced cellular functionality and application potential. Wanting to overcome these limitations, and identifying these as clear and critical needs in Life Science, Sorbus Biomedical intends to challenge the current norms of cell biology, and to supply new tools that, by protecting cells from unwanted damage, enables the user to handle and maintain cells with increased functionality, providing higher value for applications such as research, production, and clinical therapy.

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