SimVantage has succeeded in developing software that makes it possible to simulate and consequently optimize gassed and/or stirred bioreactors. Our innovative software allows for efficient production of essential drugs, including antibiotics and monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment, as well as clean meat, food additives, and precision fermentation processes. By leveraging our advanced simulation technology, SimVantage significantly shortens the transition from laboratory-scale to large-scale production, helping companies save time and money while benefiting the general public.

What sets SimVantage apart is our proprietary in-house simulation code, enabling in-silico scale-up, optimization, characterization, and troubleshooting of gassed and stirred reactors. The cloud-based simulation software and consulting services are built upon this code, offering comprehensive solutions to meet diverse industry needs. Leveraging next-generation algorithms and cutting-edge hardware, such as graphic processing units (GPUs), our simulations are ten times faster than traditional methods. By incorporating physical first principles and providing an intuitive user interface, SimVantage facilitates scale-up processes and accurately reconstructs large reactor environments using smaller reactors, ultimately revolutionizing bioprocess technology. 
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