Neobe Therapeutics


Neobe Therapeutics is an early stage startup spun out of a collaboration between Deep Science Ventures and Cancer Research UK to address tumour microenvironment constraints to therapeutic efficacy. Only around 20% of patients with solid tumors are estimated to currently benefit from immunotherapies. Multiple factors contribute to this low level of efficacy. Chief among them is the existence of an immunosuppressive microenvironment that leads to the generation of immune "cold" tumours. At Neobe we are harnessing the synthetic biology toolkit to engineer tumour-colonizing bacteria that locally disrupt this microenvironment. Our products are being engineered to act locally within the tumour upon systemic administration. This will enable them to avoid systemic toxicities while increasing drug efficacy. By disrupting microenvironmental barriers our bacteria will increase immune cell infiltration in "cold" tumours, thus enabling immunotherapy efficacy in current non-responders.


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