MITOLOGICS, a R&D service provider based in France, has developed testing platforms to evaluate mitochondrial function and cell metabolism. We provide innovative and well characterized methods to get inner view of compounds MoA and cell phenotypes. Parameters like O2 consumption (Seahorse technology), ATP production, oxidative stress, mtDNA depletion… are investigated on cell culture, isolated mitochondria or tissue.

Our expertise covers the following applications:

  • Predictive toxicology (organ toxicity related to mitochondrial dysfunction)
  • Oncology (tumor mitochondrial targeting, T cell activation/fitness/fate)
  • Mitochondrial genetic diseases (respiratory chain deficiency)
  • Age-related diseases (mitochondrial alterations, oxidative stress)

Since 2009, our company has managed more than 250 research contract studies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies based worldwide.


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