Manchester BIOGEL


Manchester BIOGEL is a leader in the design and manufacture of 3D synthetic peptide hydrogels that are redefining cell culture for life science. Our biologically relevant PeptiGels® mimic the cell micro-environment and have tuneable properties to simulate the natural environment of all human tissues. Our PeptiGels® are specifically designed and tailored to overcome the key limitations with current biomaterials for regenerative medical applications. They are 100% ethical, animal free and chemically defined, and are supplied with no batch to batch variability. In addition our PeptiInk® product range benefits from this unique combination of properties and offers versatile synthetic inks for 3D bioprinting and liquid handling. PeptiGels® and PeptiInks® give you the confidence to achieve reliable and consistent results every time, and with the adage of being clinically translatable, you have the potential to deliver life changing therapies.