LightOx has developed new therapies for oral tongue cancers. We developed our selective drug candidate by fusing an HDAC inhibitor, to a LightOx molecule to create a new, patented class of drugs. The drug retains efficacy in cancer cell targets and overall drug potency is increased greater than 10-fold after light treatment.

LightOx’s ability to target cancers is a key aspect of our strategy. We are developing a portfolio of light-activatable cytotoxic therapeutics using a focused approach. 

Selective therapeutics linked to targeting small molecule drugs where uptake and activity preferentially occurs in cancerous cells/LightOx-drug-drug conjugates (DDCs) and;

Targeted therapeutics where cytotoxic delivery is controlled through linkage of LightOx compounds to cell-specific targeting antibodies, peptides or nucleic acids (LightOx-ADCs)

LightOx has developed a new class of patented small molecule fluorescent drug-like compounds which overcome the limitations of current light-based treatments. These compounds have intrinsic light activated cell killing properties.