Lentivirus is commonly used as a vector for gene addition due to its ability to deliver relatively large payloads that stably integrate into the host genome.  This vector is clinically and commercially employed in direct gene therapy applications or in gene-modified cell therapies such as CAR-T.  Unfortunately, current viral manufacturing is highly inefficient, significantly impacting margins for these life-changing medicines.  Indeed, current first wave CAR-T therapies are likely uneconomic.
Lentitek is developing a solution that is aiming to deliver between a 10- and 100-fold increase in lentiviral yield.  This relatively simple change to the lentiviral production process is compatible with most common yield improvement strategies and manufacturing technologies.  We are currently developing our technology with partners such as CGT Catapult and are seeking additional partners to help demonstrate the Lentitek solution within the target application of CAR-T generation.

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