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Helex is accelerating next generation CRISPR based cell and gene therapy companies to market through its technology that enables better control over genome editing by precision engineering the programmable component of the CRISPR/Cas system- the guide RNA. 
Helex is the GPS of gene editing. We deliver safe, validated, custom engineered guideRNAs accelerating next generation cell & gene therapies. The design is driven by the Helex AI Platform. The platform is powered by intelligent data driven deep-learning modeling built on crucial biological principles, using extensive high throughput next generation sequencing data derived from CRISPR edits on human cell lines. We not only give reliable predictions through the Helex Platform, but validate them in-house using cell-based assays and next generation sequencing to support with proven experimental data for high degree of reliability. Finally, we will synthesize GMP grade guide RNAs that will be delivered to our clients, making us an end-to-end partner for cell & gene therapy companies. 

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