Escoglobal Inc.


The Pharma division of Esco GB Ltd are a leading global design, manufacturing and commissioning company who specialise in airflow and barrier containment safety equipment for Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical and Fine Chemical Industries, and have many installations world-wide.

We have seen a growing demand for our Cell Therapy equipment and in reaction to this demand, have continued to focus on our product development to ensure that we are at the forefront of the industry. Aiding us in this are Esco’s multiple international production sites, which enable us to be flexible during manufacture.

An example of our commitment to product development is the Esco Cell Processing Isolator (CPI). The Isolator is an integrated system which allows the use of several different processing types of equipment into one isolated solution, providing the opportunity to customise units to meet different process requirements. Esco can integrate CO2 incubators; centrifuges; temperature, relative humidity, CO2, N2 & suppressed O2 controls and bioreactors.


One of our main strengths in the Cell & Gene Therapy market is the fact that Esco are the only manufacturing company who manufacture all of the integrated processing equipment in addition to the isolated containment system.

As part of our full range, we design and manufacture:

• Cell Therapy Isolators

• Adherent & Suspension Bioreactors

• Sterility Test Isolators

• Aseptic Isolators (filling lines)

• Potent Handling Isolators (weighing and dispensing, charging and off-loading)

• Downflow Booths