CytoImmune Therapeutics


We are developing an approach for human natural killer (NK) cell immunotherapy that involves an off-the-shelf CAR NK cell that enables the cell to recognize specific proteins or antigens that are present on the surface of tumor cells. Our NK cell engineering platform builds on Drs. Caligiuri’s and Yu’s 54 years of collective laboratory investigation of NK cells, their treatment of over 1,000 patients with therapies modulating NK cells in man, and their prior success in engineering T cells.
Our current platform includes proprietary technologies that enable us to (1) generate an abundant supply of potent human CAR NK cells to treat multiple patients from a single umbilical cord blood product, (2) highly effective transduction efficiency of the CAR into the human NK cells, (3) improved the persistence of these CAR NK cells for sustained activity once infused into the body, (4) an ability to freeze, store and thaw our engineered NK cells for infusion into unmatched cancer patient recipients for an off-the-shelf treatment of cancer.


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