Corning Life Sciences


Corning Life Sciences’ line of advanced cell culture surfaces, scalable vessel platforms, and cell culture media provide innovative solutions for stem cell research. Products include the established Matrigel® Matrix, novel animal-free surfaces for defined stem cell expansion, and media for increased expansion of hMSCs.

Corning offers an industry- leading line of advanced surface, media, and scalable platforms for cell processing or cell therapy indications. Corning’s family cell culture platforms includes flasks, roller bottles, CellSTACK® and HYPERStack® vessels, and the CellCube® perfusion system, as well as ready-to-use microcarriers. Corning also provides scalable cell culture environments for stem and primary cell types with clinical potential, including an extensive line of both vialed and pre-coated extracellular matrices such as Matrigel® matrix and defined animal-free ECM mimetic substrates and surfaces, like Corning PureCoat™ rlaminin-521 cultureware. Corning media solutions include standard and custom cGMP media, as well as basal salt solutions, antibiotics, sera, and flexible packaging solutions. For more information, visit

Topics for Terrapin Advanced Therapies 2020 event:

  • Pre-information for X-series, Thermogenesis
  • Relaunch of HYPERStack® vessels
  • 3D cell culture solutions