CODA Biotherapeutics


CODA Biotherapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company with a revolutionary chemogenetic platform aimed to control the activity of neurons. With CODA’s chemogenetics platform, target neuronal populations are modified using gene therapy to express a modified ligand-gated ion channel. Specifically, these ligand-gated ion channels are engineered to be highly responsive to a specific proprietary small-molecule but are otherwise inactive. The interaction of the small-molecule and engineered receptor allow for exquisite, dose-dependent control of the neurons to generate a therapeutic effect. If the pathophysiology of a disease involves hyperactive neurons, this activity can be dose-dependently tuned down using an inhibitory channel. Conversely, if the disease state is the result of hypoactive neurons, this activity can be dose dependently tuned up using excitatory channels. CODA’s first clinical indications are focal epilepsy and chronic neuropathic pain, both characterized by specific, well characterized, hyperactivity neuronal populations that can be targeted with CODA’s therapeutic approach.