Bionamic is a software platform for drug research and development. The platform is built from the ground up to empower researchers to accelerate the discovery and development of antibodies and other biomolecules. Bionamic is used as a single source of truth for all stakeholders in antibody discovery or development programs. 

Biomamic keeps track of samples, plates, molecules, antibodies, productions, purifications, and assays among others. Assays can be plotted. Screening and selection can be performed in the platform. The platform has powerful search functionality that lets researchers and managers easily find information about their development pipeline. All data is stored forever in an event log that allows auditing and traceability. Bionamic is cloud-hosted and has high security and availability. The application works in offline mode and does not require an always-on internet connection. Bionamic, the company, is located in Lund, Sweden, and was founded in 2019 by
two researchers.


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