New Approaches to De-Risking Early Selection of Microbial Strains for Recombinant Protein Expression'


25 August 2022, @ 10am EST

Lead strain selection is a critical step during microbial process development, initially based on product titer because product quality evaluations are challenged by the timely availability of sufficiently purified material. The capability of a well-proven  E. coli  expression platform has been enhanced through the use of a scale down/high throughput approach to protein purification using robotics, to enable strain selection based on parallel evaluation of product titer and quality.





Jodie Symington is based at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB) in the UK.  In her role as a Staff Scientist in Downstream Process Operations she is responsible for leading the High-Throughput automation team.  Jodie and the team assist in strain selection for Paveway TM PLUS programmes and process development at the ultra-scale down level.  Jodie has 6 years’ experience at FDB and was part of the team that developed the company’s Paveway TM PLUS DSP workflow.




Chris Lennon is Director, Microbial Upstream Process Development and leads the Molecular Biology & Microbial Fermentation teams at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB) in the UK. Chris and the team are responsible for the generation of Mammalian expression vectors plus generation and testing of Microbial expression vectors and strains.  Chris has 18 years’ of experience at FDB and was part of the team that developed the company’s proprietary pAVEway TM microbial expression technology.


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