Sean Armour, Head of Discovery, Spark Therapeutics

Sean Armour | Head of Discovery | Spark Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Ricardo Baptista, Director CMC & Development, Procella Therapeutics AB

Ricardo Baptista | Director CMC & Development | Procella Therapeutics AB » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Frank Barry, Scientific Director, Regenerative Medicine Institute

Roy Baynes, Senior Vice President And Head Global Clinical Development, Chief Medical Officer, Merck Research Laboratories

Richard Beckman, Chief Medical Officer, ReNeuron Group Plc

Tim Bertram, Chief Executive Officer, ProKidney

Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access EU North, PTC Therapeutics

Luis Borges, CSO, Century Therapeutics

Daria Bou Dargham, Business development manager, GENETHON

Tara Britt, Associate Chairman, NC Rare Disease Innovations Institute

Tara Britt | Associate Chairman | NC Rare Disease Innovations Institute » speaking at Advanced Therapies

PJ Brooks, Health Scientist Administrator, NIH/NCATS

Heather Callahan, Director of Licensing, University of Colorado

Manuel Carrondo, Professor, iBET: Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica

Manuel Carrondo | Professor | iBET: Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Paul S Carter, Director, Head Vector Processing, Quell Therapeutics

Paul S Carter | Director, Head Vector Processing | Quell Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Frederic Chereau, Chief Executive Officer, LogicBio Therapeutics

Francesco Cicirello, Director, Quality Assurance, Evelo Biosciences

Francesco Cicirello | Director, Quality Assurance | Evelo Biosciences » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Pierre-Albert Colcomb, Business Development Director, GENETHON

Pierre-Albert Colcomb | Business Development Director | GENETHON » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Angela Columbano, Head Of Business Development And Partnership, GENETHON

Jean-Philippe Combal, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Vivet Therapeutics

Yemisi Corinaldi, Regulatory Strategy Leader, Spark Therapeutics UK Limited

Yemisi Corinaldi | Regulatory Strategy Leader | Spark Therapeutics UK Limited » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Vicki Coutinho, VP Regulatory Affairs, GammaDelta Therapeutics

Conrad Russell Y Cruz, Assistant Professor, Children's National Medical Center; Co-Founder, Children's National Medical Center

Conrad Russell Y Cruz | Assistant Professor, Children's National Medical Center; Co-Founder | Children's National Medical Center » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Doug Danison, SVP, Head of Europe, bluebird bio

Derek Dashti, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, D and P Bioinnovations

Eric Michael David, Chief Executive Officer, BridgeBio-Gene Therapy

Francesco Dazzi, Professor Of Regenerative And Hematological Medicine, King's College London

Freddie Dear, Partner, Syncona

Graciana Diez-Roux, Chief Scientific Officer, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine

Victoria English, Co-Founder And Editor, Evernow Publications

Frank Fan, CSO and Founder, Nanjing Legend Biotech

Suzanne Farid, Professor of Bioprocess Systems Engineering & Co-Director Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub, University College London

Marcie Finney, Associate Director, Cleveland Cord Blood Center

Marcie Finney | Associate Director | Cleveland Cord Blood Center » speaking at Advanced Therapies

David Fontana, Team leader, Umoja Biopharma

David Fontana | Team leader | Umoja Biopharma » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Miguel Forte, Chief Executive Officer, Bone Therapeutics

Daniel Getts, Co-founder & CEO, Myeloid Therapeutics

Paul Gissen, Professor of Metabolic Medicine, Head of Genetics and Genomic Medicine Department, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

Paul Gissen | Professor of Metabolic Medicine, Head of Genetics and Genomic Medicine Department | UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Cecilia Gotherstrom, Research Leader And Associate Professor, Karolinska Institutet

Amy Gray, Chief Executive Officer, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association

David Greenwald, Vice President Of Business Development, Deerfield Management

David Greenwald | Vice President Of Business Development | Deerfield Management » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Patrick J Hanley, Chief and Director, Cellular Therapy Program, Children's National Medical Center

Hansjorg Hauser, Head of Department Gene Regulation and Differentiation, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research GmbH

Amir Hefni, VP, Global Commercial Head, Cell & Gene, Novartis

Dawn Henke, Senior Scientific Program Manager, Standards Coordinating Body

Christoph Herwig, Professor Of Biochemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology

Simon Hollingsworth, VP, Global Product Leader – Lynparza, AstraZeneca

Simon Hollingsworth | VP, Global Product Leader – Lynparza | AstraZeneca » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Volker Huppert, Chief Development Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics BV

Troels Jordansen, Chief Executive Officer, Glycostem Therapeutics

Margareth Jorvid, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Ilya Pharma

Steve Kanner, Chief Scientific Officer, Caribou Biosciences

Cornelia Kasper, Professor, Biopharmaceutical Production And Technology, BOKU

Jasmin Kee, Cell and Gene Therapy Consultant, UK Vaccines Task Force

Jasmin Kee | Cell and Gene Therapy Consultant | UK Vaccines Task Force » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Hans S Keirstead, Chief Executive Officer, AIVITA Biomedical, Inc.

Sven Kili, CEO, Antion Biosciences

Sven Kili | CEO | Antion Biosciences » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Michael Klichinsky, Co-Founder, Vice President Of Discovery And Research, Carisma Therapeutics

Lawrence Lamb, Executive Vice President And Chief Scientific Officer, in8bio

Nanxin (Nick) Li, Global/US Market Access Lead, uniQure

Mark Lowdell, CSO/CMO, InMuneBio

Ross Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer, Cynata Therapeutics Ltd

John Maher, CSO, Leucid Bio

Peter Marks, Director, Center For Biologics Evaluation And Research (CBER), U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Paolo Martini, Chief Scientific Officer, Rare Diseases, Moderna Therapeutics

Sheila Mikhail, Co-Founder & CEO, Asklepios BioPharmaceutical Inc

James Miskin, Chief Technical Officer, Oxford Biomedica

Paolo Morgese, EU Director Market Access & Member Relations, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

David Morrow, Senior Scientific Program Manager, EATRIS

Mary Murphy, Principle Investigator, Remedi National University of Ireland Galway

Ali Nahvi, Head of New Therapeutic Modalities, Spark Therapeutics

Snehal Naik, Regulatory Strategy and Policy leader, Spark Therapeutics

Alexander Natz, Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (Belgium)

Alexander Natz | Secretary General | European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (Belgium) » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Peter Olagunju, Chief Technology Officer, TCR² Therapeutics

Peter Olagunju | Chief Technology Officer | TCR² Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Joe Payne, Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Arcturus Therapeutics

Qasim Rafiq, Associate Professor, Bioprocessing Of Cell And Gene Therapies, University College London

Lior Raviv, Vice President, Development & Operations, Pluristem Therapeutics

Holger A Russ, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado

Dominic Schmidt, Partner, Syncona Investment Management Ltd

Jan Schrooten, CEO & Co-Founder, Antleron

Jan Schrooten | CEO & Co-Founder | Antleron » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Raghuram Selvaraju, Managing Director, Senior Analyst, Healthcare, H.C. Wainwright

Raghuram Selvaraju | Managing Director, Senior Analyst, Healthcare | H.C. Wainwright » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Owen Smith, Investment Director, 4BIO Capital

Owen Smith | Investment Director | 4BIO Capital » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Devyn Smith, CEO, Arbor Biotechnologies

Joseph Stavas, Senior Vice President of Clinical Development, ProKidney

Magali Taiel, Chief Medical Officer, GenSight Biologics

Paul Peter Tak, President & Chief Executive Officer, Candel Therapeutics

Stefanos Theoharis, Chief Business Officer, Bone Therapeutics

Micheal Torres, Co-Founder, Board Member, and VP of R&D, ReCode Therapeutics

Pamela Tranter, Head, Translational Research Group, Translational Research Office, University College London

Sheela Upadhyaya, Accelerated Access Collaborative Relationship & Delivery Lead & HST Specialist, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

John Wagner, Executive Medical Director Of B.M.T. Program, University of Minnesota

Tom Wilton, Chief Business Officer, Carisma Therapeutics

Masahide Yano, Director/Principal Investigator, Hsiri Therapeutics

Masahide Yano | Director/Principal Investigator | Hsiri Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

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