Sanja Stifter | Professor, Department Of Pathology, Faculty Of Medicine
University of Rijeka

Sanja Stifter, Professor, Department Of Pathology, Faculty Of Medicine, University of Rijeka

Bio (short) - As associate professor, working in both the academia (Faculty of Medicine, university of Rijeka) and pathology clinical practice (Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka), I’m dedicated to education, research and practical application of scientific findings in biomedicine transferable to the pathology clinical practice. For more than 20 years now I’m involved in translational projects in pathology bridging preclinical science and improving current clinical practice. The fields of interest vary and include research of multiple myeloma in Hematopathology, Perinatal and Placental Pathology, Uropathology and Electron microscopy (TEM). 
In last 20 years Pathology as discipline has advanced significantly and observation techniques in morphology have changed. I assume I grew with it and into it, too. It influences me strongly and my interest in more precise yet efficient morphological changes detection has brought me into the Digital Pathology world. I started working in this particular field 10 years ago when our Institution got its first slide scanner. We mainly used it in education, slowly broadening its use. We are aware that Digital Pathology and digitalization itself are taking over due to several reasons I will try to present.

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