Trevor Clancy | Co Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Trevor Clancy, Co Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, OncoImmunity

Trevor Clancy, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder of OncoImmunity. Dr. Clancy has a PhD degree in cancer bioinformatics from the University of Oslo. He has an immunological background developing computational immune-profiling methods, in several national and international cancer related projects. Dr. Clancy has more than 13 years experience in bioinformatics and 7 years of commercial experience in bioinformatics product development. He has an active scientific profile in applying immune informatics for biomarker discovery in cancer.


Day One 10th Oct Human, Vet, Immune @ 14:45

A pan-HLA predictor of antigen processing and presentation to the cell surface improves the identification of clinically relevant neoantigens Bullet point summary:

  •     Current neoantigen discovery algorithms do not predict processing and presentation to the cell surface very well. 
  •     We outline a high-performing machine learning approach, trained on mass-spectrometry data, that predicts naturally processed and presented antigens.
  •     We illustrate its application to significantly improve identification of neoantigen targets for personalized cancer immunotherapy 

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