Dr Jean-Christophe Audonnet | Senior Director, Research Strategy and Key Alliances, Bio R&D and Coordinatior at ZAPI

Dr Jean-Christophe Audonnet, Senior Director, Research Strategy and Key Alliances, Bio R&D and Coordinatior at ZAPI, Merial

Jean-Christophe AUDONNET obtained his DVM degree at the Veterinary School in Alfort, Paris, France in 1980. After 2 years of practice, mainly in the large animal production field, he went back to the University for a Ph.D. in Molecular Bacteriology. Dr. Audonnet has also a degree in Molecular Virology from Institut Pasteur Paris, France., and Masters certificates in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and an Immunology.
After 3 years spent at Virogenetics, Albany, New York, USA as a member of the research team who did the pioneering work on the modified vaccinia (NYVAC) and canarypox (ALVAC) vaccine vectors, Dr. Audonnet came back to Lyon, France where he held a number of positions as Head of research labs and Head of Discovery Research for Rhône-Mérieux and then Merial between 1992 and 2008. During these years, Dr. Audonnet has been in charge of various veterinary vaccine research projects which led to the development of successful commercial products, Vaxxitek being a key one. He was then, as Head of Research Strategy and Key Alliances for Bio R&D, in charge of scouting and assessing new technologies in the fields of vaccinology and immunogens expression platforms.
Since 2013 as Head of EU & Asia External Innovation & Research Strategy, Merial R&D, Dr. Audonnet is in charge of assessing new opportunities, establishing new collaborative R&D projects, and setting up innovative partnerships. He is also in charge of the Merial China R&D program team and is supervising the Merial PDC site in Singapore.


Day One 10th Oct Human, Vet, Immune @ 11:45

Bringing together experts in human and animal health to create new platforms and technologies that will facilitate a fast, coordinated, and practical response to new infectious diseases

  • Targeting the animal reservoir
  • Commonalities and differences in approaches with human diseases
  • ZAPI-IMI efforts in combatting infectious diseases

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