Dr Jean Lang | Associate Vice President, R&D Projects Global Health, Partnerships & Funding
Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Jean Lang, Associate Vice President, R&D Projects Global Health, Partnerships & Funding, Sanofi Pasteur

Jean Lang, MD, Ph.D., Associate Vice-President, Global R&D. R&D Projects Global Health, Partnerships & Funding
MD 1983 and PhD (1987), Sanofi Pasteur (sp) R&D (25 Years Experience of Vaccine Development) Active member and Fellow (2015) of the ASTMH since 1999 and co-chair of the EU ID IMI2 PPP Strat Gov Group since 2016.
1991-2001 Rabies, YFV and JEV R&D life cycle management and West Nile R&D efforts up to Phase II. 1995-2014 : Dengue Vaccine Research to Licensure. A live attenuated vaccine from the Mahidol University in Thailand since 1995, and then since 2001 on the second generation YFV/Chimera Dengue tetravalent vaccine using recombinant technology (Dengvaxia). He worked in 15 countries/33 sites of Latin America and Asia. Licenses were obtained in Mexico, Philippines & Brazil in 2015 and is under US FDA review.
Authored or co-authored ~160 scientific peer-reviewed papers & abstracts the recent ones being focused on dengue vaccine development .See reference below: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jean_Lang
Since 2014 he is in charge of dealing with R&D Public Private Global Health Driven Project Partnerships & Portfolio External Funding, BMGF VxDP (setting-up the Global Health Vaccine Center of Innovation in IDRI/Seattle, 2014-6), WHO IVR contributor (eg Mosquito Borne Vaccines)  and sp Public Affairs R&D Liaison. He is associated to the sp Zika Vaccine R&D efforts pertinent  to these missions.
His recent scientific  interests are in the area of Global Health Initiatives, eg 2016 Epidemic Preparedness Initiative post G7 (CEPI: Coalition for Epidemic Product Innovations, EU PPP Biopreparedness Initiatives ) where he seats as (MNC) member of the Scientific Advisory Committee.


Day Two 11th October, Human @ 09:10

Plenary discussion: Where is the global vaccine industry shifting to for new collaborations? Perspectives from emerging markets and Asia

  • The role of emerging markets in the global supply and demand for vaccines
  • What vaccine technologies and vaccine candidates are favourable?
  • Does it align with other philanthropy organisations?
  • The role of Public-Public Partnerships (P2Ps) in vaccine R&D for poverty related and neglected diseases (PRNDs)
  • Priorities for linking new vaccine development with public health in low and middle income countries

Day Two 11th October, Human @ 16:45

From vaccines research to launch of Dengvaxia and collaborative efforts to create a Zika vaccine

  • The Dengvaxia research to launch journey: Lessons learned
  • Implications for the future of dengue control
  • Flavivirus Epidemics Preparedness : Developing a Zika vaccine – current status

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