Ivo Ploemen | Program Manager

Ivo Ploemen, Program Manager, Intravacc

Ivo Ploemen is a Program Manager at Intravacc, the Institute for Translational Vaccinology. Ivo has over 10 years of experience in vaccinology. Following his MSc In Biomedical Sciences at  the Radboud University in Nijmegen, he studied Philosophy of Science for an extracurricular year. He next worked on the development of a malaria vaccine in a Public Private consortium, for which he received a PhD in Medical Microbiology in 2013 at the Radboud University. In early 2013 he joined Intravacc (located in Bilthoven, the Netherlands) where he lead various projects on advanced vaccine formulation and delivery. In 2014 he was appointed Program Manager. In this role he currently leads part of the innovation and valorisation strategy at Intravacc.


Day Two 11th October, Human @ 16:15

Bioengineering bacterial outer membrane vesicles as vaccine platform

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