Angus Dalgleish | Foundation Chair in Clinical Oncology + Research Director
St George's University, London

Angus Dalgleish, Foundation Chair in Clinical Oncology + Research Director, St George's University, London

Angus Dalgleish was appointed to the Foundation Chair of Oncology at St George’s Hospital Medical School, now St George’s University of London, in 1991.  Since 2000, he has also been the Principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute, now renamed at the Institute for Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy.
His main research has been on HIV and pathogenesis and the development of a therapeutic vaccine, the role of drugs that affect the immune system and out of this arose the resurrection of Thalidomide, leading to analogues, such as Revlimid, in conjunction with Celgene.  Over the last two years he has conducted many immunotherapy trials, particularly with cancer vaccines, and identified one of the early agents as being the most effective.  This has now led to the development of IMM-101, which has been shown to give a survival advantage in pancreatic cancer in a randomised trial, recently published in the BJC. 


Day 1 Oct 10th Immune Profiling @ 16:45

The rationale of combining biomarkers and checkpoint inhibitors with vaccines and oncolytics

  • Use of biomarkers in cancer vaccine and combinational studies

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