Alfred Luitjens | Director Cell Technology at Batavia Biosciences
Batavia Biosciences

Alfred Luitjens, Director Cell Technology at Batavia Biosciences, Batavia Biosciences

Alfred Luitjens is the Director Cell Technology at Batavia Biosciences. He has a profound background in development and production of vaccines, with more than 30 years of experience. He worked for research & development at Solvay, DSM Biologics and Crucell. He had a management position at the Animal Science Group and was senior manager process architecture at GSK. At Batavia Biosciences Alfred is leading all upstream development vaccine projects.


Day Two 11th October, Human @ 15:15

How Innovative Process Development Allows for a Novel Cost-effective Rotavirus Vaccine

The development of novel technologies within biotechnology is highly dynamic, but implementation of these innovations into a manufacturing process stays behind. Three novel technologies are linked to create a simple, but robust, automated vaccine manufacturing platform that can deliver high yields at low cost. The technology platform links mammalian cell lines used for vaccine production in a compact, high cell density bioreactor, and affinity purification into a cost effective automated vaccine manufacturing system in a self-contained miniaturized facility. Polio vaccine production will be used to showcase the new miniaturized production system.

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