Day 1 Oct 10th Veterinary

Dr Nathalie Garcon

Chair’s opening remarks

Panel discussion
Prof Albert Osterhaus

Virus discovery – new kids on the block with pandemic potential

  • Comparing diseases side by side to “human diseases”
  • The importance of pathogen identification with unknown host transfer

Networking Lunch & Poster Session

Dr Peter Daszak

The Global Virome Project: Bringing an end to pandemics

  • How can this global cooperative scientific reduces the risk of viral outbreaks over the next decade?
  • Challenges in doing so and hurdles needing to be overcome
  • Visionary thoughts for the future
Dr Joseph Domenech

Use of vaccination in animals for total epizootic disease eradication and anti-microbial resistance control

- Using vaccination as an effective mean to treat bacterial animal infections at the source
- Development of vaccines for decreasing use of antibiotics in terrestrial and aquatic animals
- Using vaccination as a tool for total epizootic disease eradication (Dog Rabies, FMD and PPR)
- Potential within the veterinary vaccine industry and challenges needing to be overcome
Dr Adel Talaat

Nanovaccines; A new platform technology for immunization against avian infections that impact human health

  • Utilizing avian influenza virus (AIV) proteins encapsulated within polyanhydride nanoparticles to develop
    a protective vaccine against outbreaks of high pathogenic and low pathogenic avian influenza

Networking Break

Dr Osama Ahmed Hassan Ahmed

New insight and the challenges associated with the prevention and control of Rift Valley fever

  • New research and new data updates
  • The significant role of early detection, notification and information sharing during transboundary disease outbreak
  • Discussing the need to employ a “One Health” approach and update on recent efforts to control the recent outbreak of RVF in West Africa using the One Health approach
  • Reassessing the current vaccination strategy for RVF
Dr Nikolai Petrovsky

Development of proprietary polysaccharide vaccine adjuvants that meet the needs of humans and animals when concerning Influenza, West Nile and other re-emerged viruses

  • Novel adjuvant combinations for veterinary and human vaccines
  • Production of vaccines in line with One Health considerations
  • Challenges faced, overcome and needing to be overcome for accelerated commercialisation and market access

Chair closing remarks of day one followed by Drinks Reception

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